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At this moment we are entering uncharted territory and we are aware that the most important factor in your lives now is the security of your fellow employees and families.

The threat from a COVID-19 virus related attack is no different than any other attack that uses emerging events to fool people and trick them into entering sites, pressing links or opening files that will compromise their endpoints.

Threat actors are exploiting the virus in many different ways: Phishing attacks, malware used to steal sensitive information and even ransomware.

Some phishing campaigns are created to infect computers with malware, others to obtain username and password information, and some directly target transactions - for example, pretending to be an invoice for them. protective masks or masquerading as WHO (World Health Organization) and CDC (Center for Disease Control).

Here are some points of awareness:

  1. Keep vigilant, validate the origin of links and emails.

  2. Make sure to enter only known and approved sites. Don't open unfamiliar attachments.

  3. Let your employees and customers know the verified communication ways with them to avoid any fake profiles or social pages that can compromise security.

  4. As for ransomware - keep off-site, recent backups.

Although many of these guidelines also apply during regular periods, it is important to keep in mind that with significant changes to a telecommuting model, employees become more susceptible to attack. Workers who decide to use their private computers at home for work, users who are not used to always using a VPN, and employees who have privileged access to internal resources are all prime targets.

Cyber-Resilience are maintaining business continuity arrangements, including to provide ongoing service and support for our customers.

In addition, our engineering teams are well-placed to perform their tasks when working remotely. Our systems and procedures continue to support our customers and partners during this time.

Stay safe and healthy,


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