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Cyber Threat Intelligence

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Social Media Intelligence

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As Organizations are increasing the digitalization of their processes using Social, Web, Mobile and Cloud, it is important that they keep a tight control over that Digital Footprint, keeping track of it in real time and controling all activities within the outlying borders of their extended organization.

Real Time Cyber Threat Intelligence platform delivers powerful early warnings of hacking and fraud attacks via a sophisticated cyber intelligence platform. Scanning a wide range of sources (e.g., clear web, dark web, cyber-crime forums, IRC channels, social media, app stores, paste sites), it provides near-real-time alerts regarding cyber-threats. By converting security intelligence into actionable data, this platform enables our customers to detect unknown threats and minimize dangerous exposure. 

Today’s public source information, as well as classified information, can be extremely useful for anticipating threats to security and safety at the local, national and international level and organizations around the world need to be aware of the growing online threats.

In this context, Intelligence analysts need to be able to obtain visibility and insight from different types of data and information such as news feeds, reports, webpages, wikis, blogs, forums and chats, social media, etc. to identify risks and opportunities relevant to their organization’s needs.

Whether for fraud prevention, data leaks, infrastructure or executive protection, Social Navigator provides actionable intelligence that extends your physical security capabilities into the digital realm.

Combined with Traditional Intelligence gathering tools, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is the silver bullet for threat detection, risk management, and corporate governance and is becoming an integral part of a comprehensive safety strategy.

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Digital Footprint Analysis

Using predictive modeling, we track and measure exploit activities across the enterprise,  we identify and prioritize Network and application vulnerabilities by risk, giving security and DevOps teams, developers, and executives the context they need to fix the highest-risk application vulnerabilities.

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Digital Brand Protection

Online infringement, such as counterfeit sales, brand abuse, online traffic diversion, parallel imports are just a number of areas where legitimate businesses see their brands, products and ultimately market share being undermined. We are increasingly seeing these threats as not only real, but also as global and multifaceted.

Our Solution is dedicated to eradicating all counterfeit activity in the short- and long-term. A unique search platform scours all online channels, including over 1,000 online marketplaces to identify and take-down key offenders

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Cyber Crisis Management

Avoiding cyber crisis necessitates to properly managing a cyber incident before, during, and after it unfolds. It therefore requires a broad view of cyber crisis management. Executives often see cyber incidents as “an IT issue,” when IT is only one domain involved. Forward-thinking management teams recognize that effective crisis planning involves multiple functions and skill sets. These must be highly coordinated if an incident is to be contained or, if an incident does escalate to crisis levels, managed

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