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Training Cybersecurity teams like fighter pilots

Cyber Battlefield

The Cyber Battlefield enables both cyber security staff and company executives to practice real-world incident management scenarios and significantly improve their performance when an actual security incident takes place. It accelerates qualification, reduces certification time, and produces staff who are more competent and up to date.


The Cyber Battlefield simulates networks, traffic and threats over virtual machines, and can feature additional appliances and hardware to accurately represent company networks. This simulated network is injected with traffic, simulating typical activity such as user emails, web-surfing, and server communications. In addition, real-life attack scenarios are injected into the network, using the predefined attack scenario library as well as custom-built scenarios allowing the trainees to cover the full cycle of an attack: 


  • Identification

  • Incident management

  • Isolation

  • Mitigation 

  • Forensics


Trainees are scored as they identify, track, investigate, respond and remediate threats and reach predefined session goals. The session is recorded and documented on a timeline, to be later replayed and reviewed in a debriefing session. Trainees’ skills and capabilities are evaluated for further reference and training.

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